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How to Catch a Muslim Chick, part 1 March 30, 2008

Posted by snagabeardedmozlem in Uncategorized.

All the desi men are asking their friends: Vat does it take to catch that super cool desi chick? Oh, but it is not as difficult as it seems! Desi chicks are very soft and fluffy and sweet — and sometimes even a wheatish yellow. This makes them so cute and cuddly that every desi chick within 10 yards or more wants to be their rooster. But of course, the cunning desi gentleman knows that there are always ways to catch a chica’s attention.

The first thing to do to run after these chicas is get rid of your skirt! Now you’re probably thinking, how dare this Lady Wuggles make fun of me? Oh, but she is not commenting on your less-than-manly features!. She is talking about your skirt! Some desi men insist upon wearing skirts! Of course, if you are wearing a skirt, you will never catch your choice desi chick. Not only will she be horrified by your choice of apparel, but you will never run as fast as your trouser-wearing counterparts. Why do you think those desi chicks take such small steps? Because they want to be all graceful and pretty? No, because THEY DO NOT WANT TO RIP THEIR SKIRTS. So learn from these desi chicks. Because the sight of a man in a torn skirt will make desi chicks faint even faster than the aunties’ tongues are set a-wagging.





1. sabri - June 5, 2008

It’s not a skirt, it’s a sarong!! And it’s quite comfortable!! 🙂

2. HydRoman - June 19, 2008

I believe the term is lungi not that I own one. I find it qutie impractical for Canadian weather.

3. snagabeardedmozlem - August 5, 2008

We at SABM have discovered that lunghis are only good for one thing — the cooling breeze it facilitates!

4. electromagnetic - August 20, 2008

This is hilarious!

You should adapt this blog into a book.

5. RamadanBlog - September 17, 2008

The man is wearing a sarong that is a traditional form of dressing for men in South-east Asia. South-East Asian women also wear the sarong in various forms.

See this to enlighten yourselves:


Maybe desi men wear it also, I don’t know. But it’s not funny to make fun of other people’s cultures.

6. Aaminah - September 17, 2008

“But it’s not funny to make fun of other people’s cultures.”

But… I thought it quite clear that it is not “other people’s cultures” but her own?

Besides, it is meant to be humorous… ah, I forget, Muslims are not allowed to have humor…

I am not a desi chick, so perhaps this is why I I have to disagree however, and say I like a man in a lungi!

7. LogicGirl - September 18, 2008

“But… I thought it quite clear that it is not “other people’s cultures” but her own?”

Doesn’t matter because her desi culture is also other desi people’s culture. I’m desi, so she just mocked my culture and I’m peeved.

Where does one get off making fun of people just cause they happen to be from that same group/culture etc? Somehow it should be less offensive? Gimme a break.

The article was mocking and laughing AT not laughing WITH with an intended effect of shaming the men who choose to wear the lungi/sarong.

Nobody said Muslims shouldn’t have a sense of humour, but why choose a form of humour that is derisive.

8. Aaminah - September 18, 2008

LogicGirl, perhaps you are reading the wrong blog then. Is your fast making you tense and out of sorts, sister? Truly, I felt she was laughing “with” rather than “at” and entirely not serious. This blog is meant to poke fun at the lengths we go to find desireable mates. In many cases, it is turning stereotypes on their heads. I highly doubt that these sisters quite seriously look down on a man in a lungi.

And again I assert: I LOVE THE LUNGI AND MEN WHO WEAR THEM! I think it takes a certain cultural pride and general bravery in this western society to maintain traditional dress, and I respect that very much.

9. The Single Beard - September 18, 2008

“But it’s not funny to make fun of other people’s cultures.”

Since when? Being a desi guy, I think it’s downright hilarious 😀

10. sean - September 21, 2008

lungi/dhoti/sarong is awsome. nice one..:)

11. Siraaj Muhammad - December 3, 2008

Is this post supposed to be, How to Catch a Muslim Chick, or a Desi Chick? And don’t part 1’s usually have a part 2?


12. snagabeardedmozlem - December 16, 2008

Patience, Oh Restless Beard!

13. Already caught a bearded mozlem. - September 28, 2009

sister read another blog if you cant take the joke.

awesomeee blog. lmao had i only read this before snagging my bearded mozlem.. i wouldve tested this out.. lol

mashallah!! = )

14. Tahbit Chowdhury - June 24, 2010

Sigh. Lungis are awesome.

I’m going to get my family crest and kilt-type family pattern onto lungis for myself.

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