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Stealing from the Supply of Beardeds April 3, 2008

Posted by ladywuggles in Uncategorized.

We at SABM can’t quite decide what to make of Hot Runway Girls Without Hijab (HRGWH) who drool over Bearded Mozlems. HRGWH sport stylish new hairstyles every week and wear colorful earrings that match their pointy high-heeled shoes. Their luscious forms – even though some of them really aren’t all that luscious to our eyes – are always decked out in the latest styles.

And yet – and yet – they have the hots for Bearded Mozlems! Perhaps Bearded Mozlem, with his scraggly facial locks and Neanderthal bone structure, complements their expensive furry coat or their Ugg boots (though Lord knows, he’d have to grow a beard down to his knees for that)?

Get real. Bearded Mozlems are ugly. They’re monstrously ugly. Too ugly to be seen with you in all of your outwardly feminine sexiness.

Heh heh.

Okay, HRGWH, let us let you in on a eensy-teensy secret. Bearded Mozlems, you see, are an endangered species. These fine specimen are nearly extinct, really. And you – with your perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable wardrobe and glistening come-hither eyes – you are quite the stiff competition, yes? So we must beg you, once and for all, to kindly refrain from stealing from our limited supply of men. Does not that Noble Quran say something about like men being for like women? Hijabed Girls are for Bearded Mozlems.

Remember, we Hijabis morph into Ninjabis. So if you want to keep your hair, you will stay away. Far away. Consider this fair warning.



1. dreamingofbeards - April 3, 2008

Hmm. Interesting post, Lady Wuggles. I do agree that since beards are in short supply, rations should only be given to those who truly appreciate what a beard entails.

Plus, and possibly more importantly, a beard wouldn’t clash with my outfit!

2. veiled_muslimah - April 12, 2008

hahah, hillarious.

3. muslimahbloggerer - July 20, 2008


4. md - September 22, 2008

perhaps the beards should be reminded of ‘like men being for like women’, since many of them can be seen drooling over hrgwhs. the best reason i can come up with for this despairing phenomenon is that it brings out their reform instinct, while the worst.. well, that’s too depressing to contemplate really..

5. Hanifah - October 13, 2008


Please keep blogging!

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