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Shy Bride August 5, 2008

Posted by snagabeardedmozlem in Uncategorized.

Lady Wuggles recounts to the rest of us at SABM how surprised she was to discover Beautiful Bride crying at her own wedding. Weeping her beautiful eyes out in plain sight of hundreds of sari-clad gawkers! But whatever is wrong, Lady Wuggles wanted to know? Why is Beautiful Bride’s face black with dripping eyeliner, and why is not a single soul doing anything to stop this salty water flow?

Is Beautiful Bride being forced to marry Bearded Mozlem?! Because Lady Wuggles would be happy to take him off her hennaed hands! But alas, Beautiful Bride wanted no such thing. Or at least she whispered something to that effect under her breath and then went back to sobbing with such ferocity Lady Wuggles was convinced she had heard wrong. Are you sure, she asked? Are you absolutely sure? Then why must you look so sad? Is your stomach hurting? Was it something in the oily laddhu that hurt your heart?

Before Lady Wuggles could continue her line of uncomfortable inquiry, Scary Mother of Beautiful Bride shoved Lady Wuggles away by use of the old swing-hip. She must cry, Scary Mother growled. It is a sad day! And she is leaving us forever! And Lady Wuggles looked at Beautiful Bride and realized Beautiful Bride was not sad at all! It was all a show, Lady Wuggles realized. Beautiful Bride was not to show a teeny-tiny bit of desire for Bearded Mozlem, even if she secretly thought he was a delectable morsel to be devoured. No, Beautiful Bride was too shy! And too sad! And Lady Wuggles smirked and walked away, for she knew better. Being a sly one, she had observed Bold Beautiful Bride in the very act of expertly snagging Bearded Mozlem just a few months before!



1. names are names - August 13, 2008

you forgot the part where beautiful bride leaves the laviously decorated hall heading towards the snazzy shiny new car of bearded mozlem, only to stop suddenly and run inside for one last and final hug to scary mother of beautiful bride.

such a model bride she is.

2. snagabeardedmozlem - August 15, 2008

it appears we might need to add another to our team:)

3. snagamozlem team member - August 17, 2008

who is this names of names person? reveal yourself!

4. names are names - August 20, 2008

some things are better left a secret. for example, names.

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