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A Fitting Compliment November 5, 2008

Posted by ladywuggles in Uncategorized.

So Lady Wuggles was just recently described as a fitna. A fellow who was interested in her for marriage purposes found his advances thwarted, and, embittered, lamented to her father that she was indeed a ‘fitna’. At first Lady Wuggles was horrified and distraught. How dare she be called a fitna? But later it became obvious to her that she must be incredibly skilled if, by way of a plain abaya and hijab, she was able to ensnare a hot-blooded Beard so thoroughly that he could not help but speak glowingly and in highly complimentary terms about her snagging capabilities to others.



1. falakk - November 5, 2008

Ha ha ha!

2. dreamingofbeards - November 7, 2008

I am not surprised, seeing as how Lady Wuggles is exceptionally beautiful. Is it possible to take such a comment as a compliment, and not as a mere manifestation of male stupidity?

3. AnonyMouse - November 10, 2008

And that, my dear, shows you that are indeed an excellent snagger of beards. Consider this the first of your conquests! (Which I pray will not be many, simply due to the fact that insha’Allah you will find the dream Beard of your life and love very soon.)

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