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Dreaming of Beards: Visuals February 21, 2009

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1. Um Omar - February 25, 2009

Not sure about the hairy legs…where are the pants?

2. Sammer Z. - February 28, 2009

There better be some kinda pants, even if they are flooding…haha. =)

3. umtaleb - March 4, 2009

maybe there are no pants … that’s why it’s a “dream” …. it’s not any worse than several million men going commando for hajj

4. Specs - June 2, 2009


When’s the next post coming, bhaee?

Should I write a ‘Dear howtosnagabeardedmozelm’ letter? 🙂

5. Adib - June 7, 2009


This picture so funny!!

6. umar nasir - August 2, 2009

nice drawing

7. Baraka - October 2, 2009

The Secret Lives of Beards (with an appearance by Imam Tahir Anwar, et al)


8. Maryam - April 13, 2010

hahaha that uncles legs are so eww

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