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If it were only that simple… October 12, 2009

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1. Louli - October 15, 2009

LOL, I love it!

2. Fatima - October 20, 2009

Believe me, when you get your love story it IS that simple, comes like rain 🙂

3. abdul - October 22, 2009

great to see new posts!!! i love this blog…i hope u guys post more


4. Beardie - November 17, 2009

If anyone here can introduce me to a nice traditional hijaba I will be very interested! I have a full Beard which I am told is a very good one, which I have been growing for several years, and I want a good traditional wife who will always wear hijab or possibly even niqab. It is all right if she has not always done so, as long as she is willing to commit to it! And she must admire and respect the Beard as a sign of manly authority over her.

5. dreamingofbeards - November 28, 2009

lol @ beardie. May I suggest a matrimonial website?

6. coldmocha - December 17, 2009

MashaAlllah the guy in the pic has a lovely beard. Can you tell me what brand of shampoo he uses?

7. urooba - August 10, 2010


This just made my night, thank you.

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